I am an Idaho born native but have lived in the beautiful PNW for nearly 15 years now. I went to massage school in Tacoma in 2008 and have been practicing bodywork for 10 years. My practice is in North Tacoma but I have built clients from as far north as Bellingham to south of Olympia over the last decade. 

I am very grateful to live in such an active community that focuses their energies on self care, seeking a more natural way of healing like massage can offer. I recognize this community as one that is willing to slow down and invest in wellness for themselves and their families. This community also is open to learning and exploring new modalities and ways of doing this and that makes it easier for me to do my job.

If I were to sum up who I am in massage it's all about connecting for me in my practice. Connecting our Bodies to our Minds. That's really where healing starts for our whole spirit when we intentionally connect those two.  

​​I love what do. I love the people I get to provide this for. My clients have ranged from 9 years of age to 92. I have learned so much from all of them, but what I learned that is most humbling and quite universal is that every BODY I touch tells me a story, your story.  Your truth. Our bodies cannot lie. When we slow down and intentionally do something that tells your body that your listening to it and willing to be present and work through things that is a gift that is sustainable and allows you to live a quality life and then give to others. 

In order for me to reach as many people in the community I realized I needed to be in more than just 1 space which is currently in Tacoma. I didn’t see this as many offices I traveled too but more a traveling office that would come with me… like on wheels! Something was big enough to use for not just massage but for healing workshops, charitable events and even collaborating with the other professional folks I know in the healing arts community that have a willingness to give their gifts to groups in need like youth, veterans… the opportunities to give are endless and out there.

​I started out thinking Airstream…. But didn’t want to invest in a large truck that would have to pull it and then one summer my husband and I went for a concert to the Gorge and saw a cool double decker food truck that was serving fish and chips and the idea of a school bus developed for us… immediately upon my husbands suggestion I envisioned this beautiful, healing, eco friendly space… and the name Buddha Bus popped into my head and out of my mouth with such excitement I knew I had to explore this! 5 years later here I am typing this out sitting in The Buddha Bus!
So we have a BUS! A very gutted Bus at that! We kept our eyes open and stashed money aside for the one chance at the perfect Bus. The idea and end result seemed daunting. But with lots of research and not giving up on the dream (of nearly 5 years) the perfect bus came along. A 1996 74 passenger school bus. It housed many kids for over 20 years. The school district donated it to a local church and then the church sold it to a scrapping yard. We bought it off the yard and within a week we had it fully gutted.



​​a community offering. one of connectivity, mobility, diversity. availability & healing. 


Massage for the Body, Mind & Spirit

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A great love for my community, my clients + my craft.



For me, I really want the space to be an immediate feel of healing. With earth elements like wood, stone, glass and light. A space of energy that began your healing process when you stepped onto the bus before you were even on the warmth of a massage table. A place where you could sit and connect over tea and plug in your phone to charge while you get your own charging through healing massage. We wanted something that was a big nod to being eco-friendly with solar support, composting toilet, reclaimed furnishing. IT has to be functional.  There is so much to building the space from the floor up. Beyond what our craftiness and knowledge can do on our own (there is a youtube video on just about everything … am i right?!) so we plan to do as much as we can ourselves. But to make it fully legit and quality, we need to utilize folks in certain professional trades and we are excited to give to others in that way by hiring local tradesman. It just widens and supports our community even more.
This Bus really became so much more than just about massage and me. It quickly grew into this infectious, generous offering to the community. One that could bring awareness and collaboration. Mobility. Availability. Connection. Sustainability.
My husband is Marine Veteran. His Dad, his grandfather, his uncles and sister… both my grandfather's ...all veterans who served our country. It's really a community of people who need massage and I plan to use the Bus’s space to donate massage to veterans in some capacity. I am also a mother and see how much our youth is in need of this connection to BOdy+Mind+Spirit now more than ever with our current focus so much on technology! I am currently working on collaborating with folks in the yoga and mediation community to give to youth in ways that teach awareness to self care and ways to address anxiety, stress with healing and what better way to house this giving time than on a school bus!

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