My journey from Massage Therapy School in 2008 to the present day has been over a decade of much growth and evolving. I have spent a great deal of time, money and energy on my continuing education since the day I received my license to practice massage. It has taken me down a few twists and turn that I am grateful has led me to Thai Bodywork. I received over 40 hours of Cupping courses since 2012 and that opened my eyes to more TRADITIONAL MEDICINE and its place in healing arts. Also known as, ALTERNATIVE Medicine which is really just OLD or ANCIENT MEDICINE. I quickly realized there was this big wide world of healing modalities and tools to explore that have been passed down over thousands of years by our Ancestors and we have a responsibility to study and research these teachings and preserve through practice and sharing what we learn. Traditional Thai Medicine and Bodywork pulled me in quickly once it got a hold of me. I loved that it honored old medicine through not just the Bodywork, but the Spiritual side of Bodywork through The Teachings of Buddhism and how Traditional Thai Medicine also interconnects with these two to make a holistic approach to Massage. I was blessed to have the opportunity to study under the guidance and Mentorship of  Nephyr Jacobsen in Oregon. An ongoing relationship I hold greatly in my hands so my learning honors this beautiful practice and medicine.  IF you haven't tried Thai Bodywork, I encourage you to see what's different about it from just a regular Swedish Deep Tissue session. I fully suspect you will see that you gain more of an increase in Energy and Mobility as well as a greater decrease in pain and stagnation in your body.  You can learn more by booking a session with me, following me on Instagram and checking out 

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​​​ care. 

She has received her education in Craniosacral therapy through the Upledger Institute and her Cupping Therapy through the International Cupping Therapy Association.

She currently holds certifications in Craniosacral 1 & 2, Cupping Therapy & Intraoral. 

 She has received her education in Craniosacral Therapy from Upledger Institute and her Cupping Therapy through the International Cupping Therapy Assocation. 

  Theresa continues to seek out new modalities and practices to add to her skillset so she can give the best treatment to each person she comes into contact with. It is an important part of her time with each patient that she help educate them on their bodies and ways to self care.



  • Massage Therapy Course  2008-2009 ​  Alexander School of Natural Therapeutics  
  • Certified Cupping Course  2011 & 2015 International Cupping Therapy

  • Craniosacral Therapy 1 & 2 2013-2014            The Upledger Institute

  • Neuromuscular Certification   2014

  • Intraoral Certification & Endorsement   2014
  • Introduction to Thai Massage  2017 Crows Wing
  • Traditional Thai 2019-2020   The Naga Center