Massage for the Body, Mind & Spirit


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​We will begin each session assessing where you are at + where you want to be with a focus on alleviating any suffering using a Traditional Thai Medicine + Bodywork approach. Sessions will be fully clothed on a Thai mat in seated, side line and prone/supine positions using modalities like percussion, thumbing the Sen lines, deep tissue and passive stretching techniques. Cupping, body scraping, herbal compresses, hot towels, scarves, Thai balms and liniments will be some tools used for aide in healing. ​Sessions are 60, 90 + 120 minutes. Please note that 60 minute sessions allow for minimal  areas of the body to be addressed in a THAI session. 3 hour sessions are given only upon prior request if time in her schedule allows. 

Come to your session in comfortable, loose fitted clothing (leggings/sweats + breathable shirt and socks). It is highly recommended that you pre- hydrate. Each session will be on a Thai mat.

  • 60 MIN SESSION     $90
  • 90 MIN SESSION    $135
  • 120 MIN SESSION  $180